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UAE Residents Urged to Register on Nusuk App for Umrah Experienc

Residents planning to travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah are encouraged to use the Nusuk app.

Residents embarking on the sacred journey to Saudi Arabia for Umrah are urged to register on the Nusuk app, an essential platform for obtaining Umrah permits and scheduling appointments for rituals. 

Saudi Arabia’s immigration and e-visa portal highlights the app’s significance in facilitating the Umrah pilgrimage.

Umrah Permit Requests and Scheduling Through Nusuk App:

The Nusuk app serves a crucial role in the Umrah pilgrimage, allowing pilgrims to request Umrah permits, schedule appointments for rituals, and access necessary information about both Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages. 

The app streamlines the pilgrimage process by providing essential services and information.

Industry experts emphasize the importance of taking appointments on the Nusuk app for Tawaf at Makkah’s holy site during Umrah. 

While guards may not consistently check for appointments, securing one in advance is recommended. 

Pilgrims are encouraged to make appointments before departing from the UAE to ensure a smooth experience upon arrival.

Appointment Necessity for Prayers at Riyazul Jannah:

For pilgrims intending to pray at Riyazul Jannah, obtaining an appointment through the Nusuk app is mandatory. 

This requirement enhances the ease of the pilgrimage process and ensures that pilgrims can participate in religious rituals seamlessly.

Experts highlight the Harmain Express as the easiest mode of transportation between Makkah, Madina, and Jeddah, with Jeddah serving as a central hub. 

Pilgrims are recommended to take the Harmain Express, significantly reducing travel time from 6 hours by road to just two hours.

Flight Booking Considerations for Umrah Pilgrimage:

When booking flights to Saudi Arabia, prospective pilgrims are advised to check for flights that allow passengers with Umrah visas. 

It’s emphasized that some flights are dedicated to Umrah pilgrims and may have specific visa requirements. Travel agents can assist in selecting the most suitable flights for the pilgrimage.

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