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UAE Residents Rally for Palestine at Zinn Cafe & Bistro Fundraising Event

UAE locals showed their support for Palestine through their wardrobe choices at a recent Zinn Cafe & Bistro charity event.

At a recent Zinn Cafe & Bistro fundraising event, UAE residents showcased their support for Palestine through distinctive fashion choices. 

Watermelon scarves, jackets featuring keffiyeh prints, and T-shirts proudly displaying the word “Palestine” were the order of the day.

Community Unites for The Little Wings Foundation:

The event at StudioRepublik on Sheikh Zayed Road garnered overwhelming community participation, with attendees from diverse backgrounds. 

The aim was to raise funds for The Little Wings Foundation (TLWF), an organization dedicated to assisting children in Palestine.

This sold-out event is just one of many taking place across the UAE, reflecting a broader movement in solidarity with Palestine. 

Some events focus on fundraising efforts, while others aim to raise awareness about the country’s rich heritage.

Culinary Contributions to a Cause:

Notably, Zinn Cafe & Bistro is not alone in its philanthropic endeavors. Korean restaurant Hoe Lee Kow and Reif also hosted a fundraising event in November, with the entire ticket proceeds directed to TLWF, a part of the Al Jalila Foundation.

Positive Response Amid Regional Challenges:

Despite the ongoing battles in the Middle East, the response to these occasions has been overwhelmingly positive. 

In a statement, the restaurant representatives acknowledged the challenging times: “The last month has been an extremely difficult one for the Middle East due to the ongoing conflict.”

The organizers expressed gratitude on social media and shared that the event raised substantially. 

A total of Dh81,250 was collected, emphasizing the community’s commitment to supporting charitable causes under the roof of establishments like Zinn Cafe & Bistro.

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