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UAE Residents Join Global Boycott Movement Against Pro-Israel Brands

Residents in the UAE are changing their purchasing habits by joining a global boycott of firms that support Israel.

UAE residents, including American expat Haya Issa, are altering their consumer habits by participating in a global movement to boycott brands with pro-Israel stances or financial interests in the country. 

This shift comes in response to the recent violence in Gaza, with individuals choosing to support local businesses instead.

Starbucks Corporation Hit by Boycotts:

International brands, notably Starbucks Corporation, have faced the brunt of the boycotts, with approximately $11 billion lost in value since the movement gained momentum. 

Haya Issa and others in the UAE are actively avoiding such brands, emphasizing the need to stand against violence and oppression.

Belief in the Power of Boycotts:

Advocates like Rhiannon Downie-Hurst stress the historical effectiveness of boycotts, citing examples such as the abolition of the slave trade. 

Many individuals are choosing to boycott companies that openly support violence against Palestinians, underscoring the impact of conscious consumer choices.

Local Discoveries and Conscious Consumerism:

UAE residents like Uma Bhattathiripad express frustration over feeling helpless in the face of distant atrocities and turn to boycott as a means to pressure a ceasefire. 

The positive outcome has been the discovery of local businesses and the shift towards supporting homegrown and smaller establishments.

Overcoming Skepticism for a Collective Message:

Initially, skeptical Irish expat Gabby Garvey acknowledges the potential impact of boycotts, highlighting the unity behind a collective message against oppression. 

Residents recognize that the boycott movement goes beyond harming individual businesses; it is a powerful expression of solidarity for a dignified and free life.

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