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UAE Residents Grieve Loss of Loved Ones in Gaza

K.M., a UAE resident, is in pain after losing five relatives in Gaza as a result of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

UAE resident K.M. is in anguish as she grapples with losing five relatives in Gaza due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. 

The situation in Gaza remains dire as bombings persist, leaving many Palestinians afraid of receiving tragic news.

Emotional Turmoil:

K.M. shared her emotional turmoil, expressing her deep concern for her family in Gaza. She admitted to living in constant fear, particularly when the phone rings, dreading the news of more family members lost. 

Despite her relatives sounding resilient during phone calls, the grim reality of their situation looms.

Tragic Losses and Tributes:

Another UAE resident, A.S., shared a heart-wrenching account of losing a friend in the strikes. The friend, a former UAE student, perished with his family when a bomb destroyed their home. 

A.S. paid tribute to his late friend through a social media post, highlighting the devastating impact of the conflict on individuals and families.

Destruction of Life Savings:

Alaaeddin Aburamadan, working for a public relations agency in Dubai, revealed that his parents’ lifelong savings in the UAE were obliterated in the bombings. 

His parents, who had spent 40 years in the UAE, returned to their newly built home in Gaza. Tragically, their home was bombed, although Aburamadan’s parents were not present as they were in Egypt for medical treatment.

Aburamadan maintains regular contact with his sister and her three children, who reside in a house in the south, trying to survive amid food and gas shortages. 

With limited resources, they’ve resorted to shared responsibility, pooling funds and preparing meals for the entire household.

Ceasefire Rejection and Ongoing Conflict:

The conflict persists as Israel rejected calls for a ceasefire during Tuesday’s United Nations Security Council meeting. Israel has declared its determination to eliminate Hamas.

For Palestinian musician Haishe, residing in Dubai, every day feels like a recurring nightmare. His family resides in Zaytoon in Gaza, where relentless bombings have reduced entire neighborhoods to rubble.

Hope Amid Devastation:

Haishe’s family has taken refuge in a church, the only standing structure in the area. While safe, they anxiously await each phone call with their siblings, fearing the worst.

Palestinians’ Resilience:

Haishe reflects on the resilience of Palestinians, recounting his memories of Israeli shelling even as a child. 

He admires the strength and determination of his people, emphasizing that, regardless of adversity, Palestinians continue to rise and persevere.

The accounts of UAE residents provide a poignant insight into the personal tragedies and fears faced by Palestinians during the ongoing conflict in Gaza. 

The region remains embroiled in turmoil as calls for a ceasefire persist.

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