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UAE Residents Can Now Enjoy Water Generated from the Air

Thanks to Ma Hawa, an Emirati enterprise at the forefront, UAE residents may quench their thirst with water created directly from the air.

UAE residents can quench their thirst with water produced directly from the air, thanks to Ma Hawa, an Emirati company at the forefront of air-to-water technology. 

The company showcased its innovative dispensers at Gitex Global, offering a sustainable solution to the nation’s water needs.

A Revolutionary Approach to Water Generation:

Ma Hawa’s air-to-water dispensers represent a groundbreaking approach to water generation. 

Although initially available for corporate settings, these devices will soon be accessible to the retail market. 

The company offers water bottles in two sizes: a 330ml bottle priced at Dh3 and a 700ml bottle available for Dh6.

The Water Generation Process:

The journey from air to safe, clean drinking water involves multiple stages of filtration and treatment. According to Amro Asmael, Director of Marketing at Ma Hawa, the process begins with drawing in purified air, cooling it to extract water, and then subjecting the resulting condensate to a comprehensive treatment process.

The water purification process involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Filtration: The system employs filters to purify the incoming air.
  2. Heat Exchanger: The water generation procedure begins with a heat exchanger process.
  3. Buffer Tank: The water enters a buffer tank.
  4. Filtration Stages: The water then passes through three layers of filtration.
  5. UV Sterilization: In the final phase, UV rays eliminate bacteria, ensuring the water is safe to drink.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact:

Ma Hawa’s technology addresses sustainability and environmental concerns. The Genny dispenser, costing Dh14,000, is designed for homes and small offices and can extract 30 liters of daily drinking water directly from the air. 

Government entities, exhibition centers, parks, corporate headquarters, and more have adopted this device. 

It contributes significantly to environmental conservation by generating 11,000 liters of water annually without exploiting water resources. 

It also saves the planet from using 45,000 plastic bottles yearly and reduces the carbon footprint by 4,500 kgs annually.

The Mobile Box, priced at just under $5,000 (Dh18,350), is a portable solution that produces up to 25 liters of fresh drinking water.

This portable water-generating unit is perfect for outdoor activities, eliminating the need to carry plastic bottles or search for open water sources.

Gen-M1 is a medium-scale portable unit capable of producing up to 220 liters of daily drinking water.

Expanding to Meet Growing Demand:

Due to high demand, Ma Hawa plans to expand its production capacity. The company operates a small production line, producing approximately 3,000 bottles daily. 

A new factory under construction in Kizad is expected to be operational in a few weeks, with the capacity to produce 4,500 bottles per hour. 

This expansion will cover the entire UAE’s needs and enable export opportunities.

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