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UAE Ranks 10th Globally and 1st Regionally in Global Soft Power Index 2024

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Dubai: The UAE celebrates its remarkable achievement in the Global Soft Power Index (GSPI) 2024, ranking 10th globally and 1st regionally. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, expressed immense pride in these results, emphasizing the nation’s growing global recognition.

The announcement came via Sheikh Mohammed’s official X account, where he highlighted the UAE’s ascent in global recognition. He lauded the country’s outstanding performance, particularly ranking first regionally and 10th globally in the Global Soft Power Index, which encompasses 193 nations and draws from the insights of 170,000 experts.

The UAE’s dominance extends beyond its global ranking, as it also leads regionally in international appreciation of leaders and holds the 8th position globally in influencing international diplomatic circles. Additionally, the country secured the third position worldwide in generosity and opportunities for future growth.

Sheikh Mohammed credited these achievements to the relentless efforts of thousands of dedicated teams across various domains. He extended his profound appreciation to all involved, emphasizing that the world will continue to recognize and value the UAE’s extraordinary journey.

The announcement coincided with the annual Global Soft Power Summit held in London, attended by global leaders and public figures. This recognition underscores the UAE’s trajectory of steady growth and global influence.

The UAE’s remarkable performance in the Global Soft Power Index reflects its robust and stable economy, ranking first in this indicator. Through strategic diversification efforts, the UAE has decreased its dependency on oil and fostered growth in sectors such as tourism, technology, renewable energy, and financial services.

Internationally, the UAE is admired for its leadership, ranking 10th in internationally admired leaders. This recognition is a testament to the country’s balanced foreign policy, which focuses on spreading Emirati values, building peace bridges, and enhancing diplomatic relations globally.

Moreover, the UAE’s commitment to future growth and innovation is evident in its third-place ranking in the Future Growth Potential indicator. With strategic investments in innovation and technology infrastructure, the UAE aims to explore new horizons for growth across economic, scientific, and social sectors.

The country’s strong media presence has contributed to building a positive international image, reflected in its 10th position in the Affairs I Follow Closely indicator. Through effective communication channels, the UAE highlights its achievements across all sectors and fosters engagement with global audiences.

In terms of generosity, the UAE ranks third globally, showcasing its commitment to humanitarian initiatives and aid. This dedication extends to its influential role in diplomatic circles, where the UAE ranks 8th globally, actively contributing to global peace and stability.

Furthermore, the UAE’s business and trade image has garnered international recognition, securing the 10th position globally. With advanced legislations and a supportive business environment, the UAE remains a top destination for global investors and talents.

As a leader in technology and innovation, the UAE ranks 8th globally, underscoring its dedication to pioneering advancements in technology and fostering innovation across sectors. Additionally, the UAE prioritizes safety and security, ranking ninth globally in this indicator.

In sustainability, the UAE’s outstanding performance is evident, ranking 9th globally in sustainable cities and transport and 18th in investing in green energy and technology. The country’s commitment to sustainability is further emphasized by extending the Year of Sustainability into 2024.

Lastly, the UAE’s Nation Brand witnessed significant growth, solidifying its position as the most valuable national brand in the Middle East and Africa region.

The Brand Finance Soft Power Index underscores the UAE’s global influence and positive reputation, reflecting its ongoing commitment to excellence and progress.

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