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UAE Raffle Draws Pause: Assurances for Winners

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Temporary Pause in Raffle Operations

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has seen a temporary suspension of raffle draw operations, as directed by the UAE Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA). This pause aligns with the Authority’s efforts to establish a well-regulated gaming environment in the UAE. Although the duration of this pause is not specified, the gaming industry is responding to this “industry-wide mandate” with compliance and anticipation​​.

Continuation of Prize Payouts

Despite the pause in operations, winners of various raffle games have been assured of receiving their prize money. Paul Chader, Head of Operations at Emirates Draw, confirmed that winners of the Fast5 game would continue to receive their monthly prize of Dh 25,000. Similarly, Mahzooz, operated by E Wings, reassured that the latest two millionaires and other winners would receive their payouts as usual, within 2 to 3 weeks of their win. This commitment includes both immediate lump-sum payouts for larger prizes and regular procedures for smaller winnings​​​​.

Regulatory Compliance and Future Plans

Mahzooz is currently in discussions with the GCGRA regarding licensing, with the application process expected to be completed in early January 2024. The organization hopes to resume operations as soon as the license is granted, potentially within the first quarter of 2024. Meanwhile, Emirates Draw has not provided a specific timeframe for resuming services, stating that they will resume operations upon further notice from the regulatory body​​.

Both Emirates Draw and Mahzooz have plans for the future once operations resume. Emirates Draw intends to introduce new games and initiatives, both within the UAE and abroad. Mahzooz aims to enhance its gaming experience, leveraging its reputation as a strong homegrown brand with international reach. These plans indicate a commitment to offering an exceptional gaming experience and a robust comeback with supercharged draws​​.

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