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UAE Public Prosecution Issues Warning on Assault Penalties

The Public Prosecution in the UAE recently used X (previously Twitter) to educate locals about the potential consequences of assault.

The UAE’s Public Prosecution recently utilized X (formerly Twitter) to educate residents about the potential penalties for assault, emphasizing the legal ramifications through specific scenarios.

Severity Determines Penalties:

The authority outlined two distinct cases of assault and their corresponding legal consequences. 

Anyone inflicting harm leading to “illness or incapacity for personal work for over twenty days” on another individual faces imprisonment and a fine.

For less severe assaults not meeting the criteria above, the perpetrator can be fined up to Dh10,000 and may face imprisonment for a year as per the law.

Special Considerations:

Highlighting the seriousness of assaults resulting in the miscarriage of a pregnant woman, the Public Prosecution emphasized that such cases are considered aggravated circumstances, warranting more stringent legal actions.

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