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“UAE Public Holidays 2024: A Guide to Planning Your Year Ahead”

"UAE Public Holidays 2024: A Guide to Planning Your Year Ahead"

As the United Arab Emirates announces its list of public holidays for the year 2024, residents and businesses alike are presented with the perfect opportunity to plan their activities and vacations well in advance. The year promises a series of breaks that cater to cultural celebrations and significant national events, offering both rest and revelry.

The Calendar of Breaks:

The UAE will observe at least 13 public holidays in 2024, with certain festivities potentially creating extended weekends, allowing for short vacations or well-deserved staycations.

New Year’s Day:

The year kicks off with New Year’s Day on January 1st, immediately presenting a chance for a prolonged celebration of the year’s beginning.

Eid Al Fitr:

Marking the end of Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr is expected to provide a six-day break, combining the religious holiday with the weekend. This period of festivity is one of reflection and joy as families come together.

Arafah Day and Eid Al Adha:

Arafah Day, observed just before Eid Al Adha, starts a period of devotion followed by celebration. Residents can anticipate around five days off during this period, ideal for longer travel plans or family gatherings.

Islamic New Year:

The Islamic New Year, or Hijri New Year, will also be commemorated, offering a day to reflect on the passage and potential of time.

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birthday:

The birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is another significant day that is observed with respect and reverence across the country.

National Day:

National Day festivities in early December will celebrate the union and heritage of the Emirates, with the public enjoying time off to participate in the national spirit.

Planning for Leisure and Productivity:

These holidays are pivotal for the vast expatriate community in the UAE, many of whom align their travel plans to visit family abroad or explore new destinations. The announcement allows for better personal and professional scheduling, ensuring a balance of productivity and leisure.

Economic and Social Impact:

The unified approach to public holidays in the UAE for both public and private sectors not only harmonizes work-life balance but also bolsters the tourism sector. It allows for a more cohesive and vibrant economic and social landscape.


The array of public holidays in the UAE for 2024 provides a framework for cultural, religious, and social observance. They offer moments of pause in the fast-paced life of the Emirates, allowing residents to plan for a year that is as fulfilling as it is exciting.

With these dates now public, you can mark your calendars and start making arrangements to ensure that 2024 is a year of well-managed time, allowing for both the meeting of professional goals and the enjoyment of personal time.


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Each of these holidays not only underscores the cultural tapestry of the UAE but also facilitates the planning of vacations, social gatherings, and business closures. With an eye on the lunar calendar, residents and visitors alike can anticipate these dates, which are subject to the sighting of the moon, and prepare for a year marked by celebration and reflection.

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