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UAE Private Teaching Work Permit Offers Opportunities for Retirees

The recently introduced private teaching work permit in the UAE represents an exciting prospect for retirees, particularly those in the education sector.

The recently introduced private teaching work permit in the UAE is a promising opportunity for retirees, especially those from the education sector, allowing them to continue contributing to society and ensuring a steady income stream after their primary careers.

Prolonged Residency and Revenue:

Retirees, particularly educators, view the private teaching work permit as a means to extend their residency in the UAE beyond retirement. 

The permit lets them legally offer private tuitions, tapping into their expertise and experience to provide valuable services and generate income.

Sajida Al Bashir’s Perspective:

Sajida Al Bashir, an educator with 28 years of experience in the UAE, sees the new initiative as an excellent opportunity for retirees. 

As the Assistant Head Teacher at Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai, Sajida highlights the chance for lifelong educators to continue positively impacting and monetizing their skills post-retirement.

Indumathi Gokulan’s Hopeful Outlook:

Indumathi Gokulan, a 61-year-old teacher with 30 years of service in the UAE, expresses hope and optimism about the private teacher work permit. 

After retiring in June 2023, she sees the permit as a chance to continue residing in the UAE, leveraging her teaching experience to provide tutorial classes and remain connected to the country she calls home.

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