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UAE Prepares for Ramadan: Festivities, Scholarly Discourse, and Shopping Galore

UAE Prepares for Ramadan: Festivities, Scholarly Discourse, and Shopping Galore

The UAE gears up to embrace the spirit of Ramadan with extensive preparations and a myriad of festivities, reflecting the nation’s commitment to compassion and tolerance. Religious activities take center stage as the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments hosts esteemed scholars from various countries to deliver lectures and seminars at mosques and Quranic centers. Notably, scholars will participate in the Zayed Humanitarian Work Day celebration, honoring the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

In addition to religious discourse, the UAE’s Ramadan Majalis offer a platform for cultural exchange, emphasizing unity and Emirati values. The Ministry of Interior’s themed sessions delve into topics like family, societal values, and digital communities, highlighting the nation’s rich heritage and global contributions.

As shopping activity surges during Ramadan, consumer protection measures ensure market stability and fair pricing. The Ministry of Economy guarantees ample supplies and monitors prices to prevent unjustified increases. Moreover, government entities adjust working hours to accommodate the holy month, promoting flexibility and productivity among employees.

Shopping festivals further enhance the Ramadan experience, with events like “Ramadan Nights” in Abu Dhabi and “Ramadan in Dubai” offering exclusive deals and entertainment. The Sharjah Ramadan Festival entices residents and visitors with substantial discounts on international brands, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Overall, the UAE’s comprehensive preparations and diverse festivities set the stage for a meaningful and joyous Ramadan for all.

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