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UAE prepares for continued rain and unstable weather

The climate bureau forecasts further showers after parts of the nation are battered by heavy rainfalls, thunder, and lightning.

Recent days have seen much of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) being pummeled by heavy rain, thunder, and lightning, causing disruptions and raising concerns about the country’s preparedness for such weather events.

National Centre of Meteorology’s Warning

The National Centre of Meteorology has issued a cautionary statement regarding the anticipated continuation of wet and stormy weather in the coming week. 

Unstable conditions are expected to persist until Thursday, heightening the need for vigilance and preparedness.

Weather Forecast for the Week Ahead

The weather bureau’s latest five-day bulletin indicates that Monday is likely to be “partly cloudy at times,” with a probability of rainfall over some coastal and western areas. 

This forecast underlines the possibility of further precipitation in these regions.

High Winds and Dusty Conditions

In addition to the wet weather, the bulletin also warns of strong winds with speeds potentially reaching up to 40 kilometers per hour (kph). 

These high winds can lead to dusty conditions, which could further impact visibility and daily life in the affected areas.

As the UAE faces another week of unpredictable weather, residents and authorities must remain prepared for the challenges associated with heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and gusty winds. 

Staying informed about weather updates and following safety guidelines is essential to navigate these weather conditions effectively.

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