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UAE Parents Say School-Branded Winter Uniforms a Waste of Money

DALL·E 2024 01 25 22.40.57 A detailed image showing a group of UAE students discussing the high cost of school branded winter uniforms in a classroom setting. The students have

High Costs for Short Winters

UAE parents are expressing concerns over the expensive winter uniforms required by schools. With short winter seasons, parents find the costs of school-branded jackets, which must be purchased from specific stores, burdensome. The additional costs come on top of substantial spending on uniforms and school supplies at the academic year’s start.

Seeking Alternatives

Some parents opt for pre-loved items or purchase plain jackets that comply with school colors when traveling abroad, seeking more affordable options.

School Requirements

Despite the financial strain, schools insist on proper uniforms with logos, leaving parents with limited choices and emphasizing the necessity of such expenditure.

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