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UAE offers a lifeline to Palestinian cancer patients amidst crisis

Doctors in the UAE are providing care for many Palestinians from the besieged enclave.

Doctors in the UAE are providing care for many Palestinians from the besieged enclave.

Critical Medical Aid Extended by the UAE

Palestinian cancer patients, facing dire circumstances in the Gaza Strip, have found a new ray of hope through medical treatment provided by the UAE, an act they believe has saved their lives.

UAE’s Vital Support

Amidst the war-stricken situation in Gaza, many patients with advanced-stage cancer were compelled to halt their treatment abruptly. However, after being flown to the UAE for medical care, these individuals have expressed profound gratitude for the lifeline extended to them.

Testimonials of Gratitude

Awni Saleh, 63, diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer, shared his poignant story. Arriving in the UAE, he was admitted to the ICU due to severe breathing difficulties. His arrival in the UAE marked a turning point, allowing him to speak after months of silence.

Grateful Acknowledgment

Expressing immense gratitude, Saleh credited the UAE government and President Sheikh Mohamed for providing life-saving treatment. 

He highlighted the stark contrast between his dire situation in Gaza—deprived of essentials like food and water—and the critical medical attention he is now receiving, emphasizing that he is on the path to recovery.

Operation Gallant Knight 3: Support for Gaza Strip

Mr. Saleh is among numerous cancer patients transported from Al Arish Airport in Egypt to the UAE under Operation Gallant Knight 3, a humanitarian initiative dedicated to aiding Palestinians in the Gaza Strip with essential medical care.

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