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UAE National Day Update Sparks Last-Minute Travel Frenzy

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation recently made an unexpected announcement on the UAE National Day holiday.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation recently unveiled an unexpected update regarding the UAE National Day holiday, spreading joy among residents. 

The authority’s declaration of Monday, December 4, as a public holiday, has sent residents into a frenzy of last-minute travel planning with friends and family.

Visa-Free Destinations for UAE Residents:

Amidst the excitement, here are some hassle-free travel destinations that UAE residents can explore without the need for a visa:

1. Georgia

A short flight away, this small yet captivating country invites visitors to revel in its chilly climate and rich historical architecture.

2. Armenia

Nestled in the Caucasus, Armenia beckons travelers to delve into its diverse culture. With its strategic location bridging Asia and Europe, this country offers enchanting religious sites like the beautiful cathedral and remarkable monasteries.

3. Azerbaijan

Baku, the capital city, allures UAE residents with its proximity and stunning blend of old-world charm, boasting a captivating Inner City adorned with a royal palace and medieval architecture.

4. Thailand

For sun, sand, and sea enthusiasts, Thailand offers an ideal escape. Beyond its scenic beaches, visitors can explore the opulent royal palace and indulge in vibrant street shopping.

5. Uzbekistan

A pocket-friendly option for travelers from the UAE, Uzbekistan boasts exquisite mosques and sunny landscapes. Its status as an emerging destination promises moments of serenity away from the usual tourist hustle.

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