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UAE National Day: Maritime Spectacle on Sharjah’s Waters

Sharjah experienced a one-of-a-kind nautical event for UAE National Day, with 26 traditional dhows setting off from Sharjah Aquarium.

Sharjah witnessed a unique maritime celebration for UAE National Day as 26 traditional dhows embarked on a colorful voyage from Sharjah Aquarium. 

Organized by Sharjah Museums, the three-hour spectacle captivated Emirati families and expats alike.

A Scenic Journey Through Heritage:

Starting at 3 pm, the maritime parade traversed Sharjah’s scenic skyline, encompassing Qasba Canal, Khalid Lagoon, and Flag Island. 

The dhows, adorned with residents carrying traditional instruments, echoed melodious tunes across the waters.

Emirati families like Asma’s, adorned in patriotic attire and carrying UAE flags, expressed immense joy during the event. 

Children like Yasmin exuded excitement, donning dresses mirroring the UAE flag’s colors, amplifying the celebration’s spirit.

Global Participation and Enthusiasm:

Tourists, like Spanish visitor Ana Cervantes, unexpectedly joined the maritime parade, enthralled by the festivity. 

Ana remarked on the uniqueness of celebrating a national day in such a distinctive manner, expressing delight at the experience.

Safe and Festive Nautical Expedition:

Rescue personnel on jet skis ensured the safety of the decorated dhows, accompanying them throughout the parade and contributing to a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants.

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