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UAE Mission: Bringing Healing and Hope to Gaza’s Wounded Children

The UAE will treat 1000 children and 1000 cancer patients afflicted by the violence, demonstrating the country's commitment to humanitarian help.

Dr. Salama, a pediatrician, embarked on the mission with a sole purpose — to alleviate the suffering of injured children. Her connection with one girl, engaging her with makeup, brought a heartfelt moment amidst the distress.

Anesthetist Dr. Khalid exemplified commitment by volunteering, driven by the urgency to assist Palestinian children amid the conflict, signifying the collective empathy felt among medical professionals.

UAE’s Initiative and Humanitarian Aid:

In line with Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s directive, 1000 children and 1000 cancer patients affected by the conflict will receive treatment in the UAE, showcasing the nation’s commitment to humanitarian aid.

Dr. Mariam Al Nuaimi expressed a deepened appreciation for life after the intense mission, highlighting the emotional journey experienced during the flight and the importance of safety upon returning to the UAE.

Cabin Crew’s Support and Emotional Strain:

The cabin crew, notably Shorook, Hasan, and Kamil, went beyond their duties to provide comfort and support to traumatized children, acknowledging the emotional strain of interacting with those who have endured immense loss.

Dr. Viejo Thomas expressed confidence in the UAE’s medical community, acknowledging the challenging yet manageable task of treating incoming patients. Plans are underway to facilitate more flights carrying patients for treatment in the UAE.

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