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UAE Ministry Takes Stringent Action Against Emiratisation Violations

For violations of Emiratisation legislation, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has referred 113 private enterprises to the Public Prosecution.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has referred 113 private companies to the Public Prosecution for breaching Emiratisation regulations in the UAE. 

These violations include 98 companies falsely appointing citizens to Emiratisation posts and 15 others found to be circumventing Emiratisation targets.

Violation Statistics and Penalties:

Since the second half of 2022, 894 companies have violated Emiratisation decisions, with 1,267 UAE nationals hired in fake Emiratisation positions. 

The Ministry has taken legal and administrative actions against violators, imposing Dh100,000 fines on companies failing to meet annual Emiratisation targets and referring them to the Public Prosecution.

Stringent Measures Imposed:

The Ministry emphasized its stringent approach towards violators, implementing Dh20,000 fines for each fake Emiratisation case. 

Companies violating regulations will be downgraded to the lowest category within Mohre’s private sector classification system, facing higher service fees and mandatory achievement of actual Emiratisation targets.

Emphasizing Genuine Emiratisation Practices:

The Ministry clarified the nature of fake Emiratisation, delineating it as when a UAE national occupies a nominal job without actual responsibilities to meet company Emiratisation goals. 

It also highlighted instances of Emiratis being rehired within the same company to bypass Emiratisation objectives.

Acknowledgment of Compliance and Strategic Partnership:

Praising the compliance of over 95% of companies with Emiratisation policies, the Ministry recognized the private sector’s commitment. 

It stressed the importance of this strategic partnership between the government and private sectors, showcasing alignment with leadership priorities and national objectives.

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