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UAE Ministry Revokes Licences of Two Domestic Worker Agencies

The Mohre has revoked the licences of two domestic worker agencies due to a variety of mistakes.

The UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre) has canceled the licenses of two domestic worker agencies, namely Emirates International Center for Domestic Workers Services and Al Shamsi Office for Domestic Workers Services, citing various violations.

Violations Include ‘Failure to Fulfil Obligations:’

The decision was made due to multiple violations, primarily focusing on the agencies’ “failure to fulfill obligations towards their employees.” 

The authorities have instructed the owners to address outstanding issues with their staff and settle any financial dues up to the date of license cancellation.

Stringent Enforcement of Regulations:

Mohre has emphasized its commitment to stringent enforcement of regulations and warned that legal procedures would be applied firmly against any domestic worker recruitment agency found guilty of violations. 

The ministry urged residents to engage only with approved and licensed agencies when hiring domestic workers.

Call for Compliance and Accountability:

The ministry’s action reinforces the importance of compliance with labor regulations and upholding accountability within the domestic worker recruitment sector. This move aims to protect workers’ rights and promote ethical practices in the industry.

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