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UAE Ministry of Interior Launches ‘Hemayati’ Campaign to Protect Children Online

UAE Ministry of Interior Launches 'Hemayati' Campaign to Protect Children Online

The Ministry of Interior in the UAE has initiated the ‘Hemayati’ (My Protection) campaign to safeguard children from potential online threats. Aimed at curbing the growing trend of strangers luring young internet users through fake online friendships, this awareness campaign is a proactive step towards ensuring children’s safety in the digital realm.

Represented by the Child Protection Centre, the campaign highlights the dangers of online ‘grooming’, where individuals attempt to build relationships with children for the purpose of exploitation. With the slogan ‘Together for a safer Internet for our children’, the initiative emphasizes the importance of vigilance and caution when interacting online, urging parents to educate their children about the risks associated with accepting friend requests from unknown individuals.

One of the key messages of the campaign is to advise against meeting in person with anyone met online, stressing the potential dangers and risks involved. Additionally, the awareness drive addresses various other online threats, including cyberbullying and electronic piracy, and provides guidance on parental supervision of children’s internet activities.

To further enhance online safety, the campaign encourages the implementation of preventive measures such as using parental controls, safe search tools, and covering webcams when not in use. It also emphasizes the importance of setting strong passwords, installing antivirus software, and regularly updating software and applications to mitigate the risk of cyber threats.

In conjunction with the Hemayati campaign, the Ministry of Interior recently organized a security community forum to promote collaboration among national and community institutions in combating cybercrimes against children. The forum, held in recognition of Safer Internet Day, featured discussions on enhancing child protection mechanisms and facilitating family communication through the Hemayati app.

The Hemayati app, showcased during the forum, provides valuable resources and tools for enhancing child protection and fostering open communication within families. With informative sessions led by legal experts and prosecutors, the forum aimed to raise awareness among students, educators, and government officials about the importance of online safety for children.

Participation in the forum was widespread, with attendees including students and staff from technology colleges and schools, representatives from the Abu Dhabi Family Welfare Authority, and officers from the Ministry of Interior. The collaborative effort underscored the commitment of various stakeholders to safeguarding children from online threats and promoting a safer digital environment.

As the Hemayati campaign continues its efforts to raise awareness and educate the public about online safety, it serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to protect children from harm in the digital age. By staying informed and proactive, parents and communities can play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and security of children online.

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