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UAE Mental Health Centers Report Rise in Gaza War-Related Cases

The devastation caused by the Gaza conflict has resulted in an increase in the number of people seeking mental health treatment in UAE facilities.

The devastating impact of the Gaza conflict has seen a surge in individuals seeking mental health assistance at UAE centers. 

Dr. Saliha Afridi, Managing Director of The LightHouse Arabia, highlighted the influx of people grappling with trauma, grief, and PTSD-like symptoms triggered by the ongoing war.

Psychological Toll of Prolonged Conflict:

As the Gaza crisis extends, mental health specialists note the persistent exposure to distressing media content contributing to psychological, physical, and cognitive distress. 

Hiba Salem from Sage Clinics observed emotional upheaval, regardless of geographical location, with individuals experiencing profound psychological effects from the prolonged conflict.

Coping with Loss and Emotional Strain:

Experts underscore the diverse emotions experienced by those seeking help, including grief, anger, survivor guilt, and a sense of helplessness. 

The loss of family members in Palestine deeply affects individuals in the UAE, leading many to seek solace and support amidst isolation in their grief.

Psychological Impact and Coping Mechanisms:

Patients exhibit varied coping strategies, from continual media checks to deliberate avoidance, affecting their social interactions and mental well-being. 

Symptoms of fatigue, disrupted sleep, altered appetite, and cognitive difficulties are widespread, with many experiencing existential crises amid witnessing atrocities.

Support Initiatives and Guidance:

Sage Clinics plans biweekly online support groups commencing December 27th, offering humanitarian support and emotional guidance in response to the ongoing crisis. 

The LightHouse Arabia conducts weekly Palestine grief support groups, aiding those directly or indirectly affected by the tragedies in Palestine.

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