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UAE Medics Urge Return to Healthy Sleep Routines as Schools Reopen

As schools in the UAE prepare to reopen, healthcare specialists stress the importance of kids adapting to healthy sleeping patterns.

As schools in the UAE gear up for reopening, healthcare professionals emphasize the critical need for children to readjust to healthy sleeping habits. 

Medical experts stress that maintaining a consistent and adequate sleep routine is paramount for students to regain focus and energy in the classroom.

Importance of Quality Sleep:

Dr. Mostafa Maged Hatem, Consultant Paediatrics at Burjeel Farha Hospital, Al Ain, highlights the significance of transitioning back to a regular sleep schedule. 

He recommends a gradual adjustment process, commencing at least five days before the start of the school term, to help children acclimate to the new routine effectively.

Impact of Sleep on Academic Performance:

Emphasizing the correlation between sleep quality and academic performance, Dr. Nada Fahed Elomari, a specialist in pediatrics at Prime Medical Centre Motor City, underscores the detrimental effects of inadequate sleep on students’ overall achievements. 

Practical strategies such as limiting screen time, early shutdown of devices, and maintaining good sleep hygiene are suggested to improve sleep quality and aid in academic focus.

Effects of Screen Time on Sleep Patterns:

Healthcare experts highlight the adverse impact of increased screen time and social media usage on children’s sleep patterns. 

Disrupted sleep schedules, particularly during crucial growth hormone release periods at night, can significantly affect children’s growth and development.

Strategies for Improved Sleep Routine:

Soothing bedtime routines, avoidance of strenuous physical activity before sleep, and creating a conducive sleep environment are recommended by sleep experts to establish proper sleep patterns for students. 

Additionally, fostering an early bedtime contributes to better health, enhances memory capabilities, and reduces nighttime disturbances.

Parental Involvement and Benefits for Middle School Students:

Girish Hemnani, an Energy Healer and Life Coach, highlights the challenge of returning to school routines and suggests creating a calming environment by turning off screens and lights. 

Encouraging parents to assist their children in developing consistent sleep patterns, Hemnani emphasizes its positive impact on reducing hyper-alertness and aligning with the body’s circadian rhythm, which is particularly beneficial for middle school students.

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