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UAE medical professionals answer the call for humanitarian aid in Gaza

Health employees have been asked to help with primary humanitarian operations.

Health employees have been asked to help with primary humanitarian operations.

In a significant move, medical workers in the UAE are being mobilized to provide crucial support to civilians in Gaza amidst the ongoing conflict. 

This initiative is part of the Gallant Knight 3 Operation, a major humanitarian effort established by President Sheikh Mohamed to address the aftermath of the Israel-Gaza war.

Online Registration Platform Launched for Healthcare Professionals

The Department of Health in the UAE has taken a proactive step by launching an online registration platform. 

This platform aims to facilitate healthcare professionals who are eager to contribute their expertise to the relief efforts in Gaza. The initiative underscores the nation’s commitment to extending a helping hand to those affected by the conflict.

Gallant Knight 3 Operation: A Comprehensive Humanitarian Endeavor

President Sheikh Mohamed’s Gallant Knight 3 Operation focuses on providing assistance to civilians in Gaza, emphasizing the significance of medical support in the aftermath of the conflict. 

This operation reflects the UAE’s dedication to humanitarian causes and its commitment to alleviating the suffering of those impacted by the Israel-Gaza war.

A Noble Initiative: UAE’s Call for Medical Assistance

The Department of Health has issued a call to action, urging medical professionals to participate in this “noble initiative.” 

Through social media channels, the health authority has encouraged individuals to sign up for the mission, emphasizing the noble nature of the cause and the positive impact that medical assistance can have on the affected population.

Uniting for a Common Cause: UAE’s Swift 


As tensions persist in the region, the UAE’s swift response in mobilizing medical professionals highlights the nation’s commitment to humanitarian principles. By actively involving healthcare workers, the UAE aims to contribute significantly to the relief efforts in Gaza and provide essential medical support to those in need.

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