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UAE Legalization of Private Tuition Sparks Debate Among School

Educators emphasise the significance of transparency, avoiding conflicts of interest, and ensuring impartiality in evaluations.

Senior leadership in educational institutions often discourages teachers from engaging in private coaching for their students due to potential conflicts of interest. 

Educators in public or private schools typically require a ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) before offering private tutoring, highlighting the need for official permissions.

Conditional Approval for Secondary-Level Tutoring:

Headteachers in the UAE suggest that, if permitted, private tutoring should primarily focus on secondary-level classes and beyond, especially for students preparing for external examinations. 

They emphasize the need for additional support but advocate for fairness and objectivity in assessments.

Educators stress the importance of maintaining transparency, avoiding conflicts of interest, and ensuring fairness in evaluations when teachers coach their students. 

Concerns are raised about potential biases that may arise in evaluative situations, prompting schools to establish clear guidelines to prevent such conflicts.

Necessity and Professionalism in Private Tuition:

Tasneem Usman from Pristine Private Schools advocates for tailored lessons to meet specific student needs, particularly at A and AS levels. 

She emphasizes the significance of transparent expectations and policies to avoid clashes of interest, restricting private coaching to higher classes.

Sajida Al Bashir from Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai expresses nuanced views on private tuition. 

She believes in its effectiveness if well-structured but has refrained from offering such services due to legal constraints and time limitations throughout her 28-year teaching career.

Ethical Considerations and Legal Context:

Educators acknowledge the potential benefits of private coaching but have refrained from providing such services primarily due to legal restrictions. 

The recent legalization of private tuition in the UAE prompts reconsidering this practice while emphasizing the need for ethical conduct and professionalism.

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