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UAE Leads Arab Economic Competitiveness, According to AMF Report

The UAE takes first place in the Arab Economic Competitiveness Index, demonstrating its strong economic success in key industries.

The UAE secures the top position in the Arab Economic Competitiveness Index, marking its robust economic progress in vital sectors. 

The nation’s overall economy, investment environment, and allure significantly contribute to this dominant performance, as highlighted in the seventh edition of the Arab Economic Competitiveness Report by the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF).

Key Achievements and Indices:

The report underscores the UAE’s leading position in critical sectors, notably ranking first in the government financial sector index, including the deficit/surplus to GDP ratio, and excelling in the tax burden index. 

Additionally, the nation tops indices in investment environment and attractiveness, economic freedom, infrastructure, and institutional governance among Arab countries.

National Strategies and Visions:

Arab nations are implementing comprehensive strategies and visions to bolster productivity, enhance goods efficiency, and foster growth in productive sectors. 

Emphasis is placed on developing service industries, streamlining business environments, and fortifying infrastructure to overcome competitiveness challenges, aiming for economic stability and improved living standards.

Investments in Human Capital and Infrastructure:

Recognizing the significance of skilled labor, Arab countries invest extensively in education and workforce training. 

These initiatives seek to equip the workforce with the necessary expertise alongside massive infrastructure projects to revamp transport networks and logistics services, positioning nations competitively in the global market.

Economic Diversification and Citizen Welfare:

Enhanced economic competitiveness and productivity are expected to diversify Arab economies, generate employment opportunities, foster sustainable development, and elevate citizens’ living standards. 

The report anticipates positive contributions towards economic diversification, employment, and overall sustainable development across the region.

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