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UAE leaders send warm wishes to Bahrain on the 52nd National Day

December 16 celebrates the accession of King Hamad's dad, who led the country to freedom.

December 16 celebrates the accession of King Hamad’s dad, who led the country to freedom.

President Sheikh Mohamed’s Congratulatory Message

President Sheikh Mohamed conveyed heartfelt congratulations to King Hamad of Bahrain as the country marked its 52nd National Day. 

His message emphasized well-wishes for further progress and prosperity, highlighting the enduring, fraternal, and historic relations between the UAE and Bahrain. Sheikh Mohamed expressed dedication to joint efforts that promise a brighter future for both nations and their people.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s Emphasized Bonds

Joining in the celebrations, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, extended warm wishes to Bahrain. 

His message commemorated the 52nd National Day and the anniversary of King Hamad assuming leadership. Sheikh Mohammed underlined the robust, fraternal, and well-developed relationship between the UAE and Bahrain, calling for continued security, stability, and prosperity while nurturing love and brotherhood between the two nations.

Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan’s Supportive Gesture

Adding to the celebration, Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed of Dubai sent his best wishes to Bahrain, contributing to the sentiments of unity and camaraderie shared between the countries. 

Sheikh Hamdan’s gesture further solidified the spirit of support and friendship between the UAE and Bahrain during this momentous occasion.

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