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UAE leaders emphasize Union Day’s significance and vision

President Sheikh Mohamed addressed the country to celebrate the occasion.

President Sheikh Mohamed addressed the country to celebrate the occasion.

President Sheikh Mohamed’s Union Day Reflection

President Sheikh Mohamed took the occasion of Union Day to reflect on the UAE’s past while setting forth aspirations for the future. He expressed determination in upholding the nation’s roots while aspiring for greater heights, sharing these sentiments in a post on X.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s Optimistic Outlook

Joining in the commemoration, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, highlighted the country’s promising future in a message marking the 52nd Union Day. 

He emphasized the transformative impact of the past 52 years on the nation’s development and progression among global nations. His words recognized the unity among the UAE’s founding leaders, praising their vision, and acknowledged the ongoing dedication of thousands contributing to the nation’s progress.

Continued Global Engagement

These reflections follow President Sheikh Mohamed’s commitment on the previous day to further the UAE’s support for nations and communities in need. 

He underscored the nation’s resolve in reinforcing global engagement and establishing partnerships worldwide, emphasizing the country’s commitment to global involvement and support.

Steadfast Leadership towards New Horizons

In Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s address, he lauded the ongoing leadership of Mohamed Bin Zayed and his brothers, characterizing their guidance as steering the nation toward new global horizons. This acknowledgment highlights the forward-looking approach of the UAE’s leadership in shaping the nation’s trajectory on the world stage.

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