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UAE leaders congratulate Egypt’s president El Sisi on re-election victory

UAE leader expresses expectancy that ties between the two countries will be bolstered.

UAE leader expresses expectancy that ties between the two countries will be bolstered.

Warm Wishes and Support

President Sheikh Mohamed and Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid of the UAE have extended congratulations to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi for his recent re-election victory. 

Through social media, they praised President El Sisi’s success and conveyed hopes for continued prosperity and stability in Egypt.

Pledges of Continued Cooperation

President Sheikh Mohamed expressed his aspirations for ongoing collaboration to fortify the enduring ties and strategic partnership between the UAE and Egypt. 

Similarly, Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid emphasized the UAE’s commitment to supporting Egypt’s progress and affirmed wishes for sustained prosperity in the nation.

Re-election Details

President El Sisi secured a significant victory, attaining 89.6% of the vote, equating to nearly 40 million votes, in the recent election. This landslide victory paves the way for his third consecutive six-year term, extending until 2030. 

The electoral process showcased the participation of three lesser-known candidates who collectively garnered less than five million votes.

Election Dynamics

Amidst a backdrop of challenges, including economic concerns and the impact of the Gaza conflict on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, the election took place from December 10 to 12 within Egypt and from December 1 to 3 for Egyptian citizens abroad. 

Egypt, home to 105 million people, witnessed a voting process involving 67 million registered voters.

The congratulatory messages from the UAE leaders not only signify goodwill and diplomatic relations but also underline their commitment to fostering mutual prosperity and cooperation between the UAE and Egypt.

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