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UAE leaders and King Charles III collaborate at Cop28 

British ruler will address the climate summit on Friday.

British ruler will address the climate summit on Friday.

Welcoming a Royal Engagement

During Cop28 held at Expo City Dubai, UAE leaders, including President Sheikh Mohamed, extended a warm welcome to King Charles III of the United Kingdom. Their meeting not only acknowledged the British monarch’s participation in the global climate change summit but also expressed gratitude for his advocacy and support concerning environmental issues.

Bolstering Bilateral Cooperation

The gathering at Expo City Dubai facilitated a productive discussion between Sheikh Mohamed and King Charles, underscoring the importance of cooperation between their respective nations. The focus was on fostering collaboration in critical areas such as sustainability, environmental protection, and decisive climate action.

The Significance of Cop28

Both leaders emphasized the pivotal role of Cop28 in shaping innovative strategies for nations to unite in combating climate change. Their dialogue highlighted the urgency and significance of this summit in exploring impactful pathways towards a sustainable future.

Unveiling the Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum

The Expo witnessed the launch of the Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum, a collaborative effort under the Cop28 Presidency and the Sustainable Markets Initiative. This groundbreaking forum convenes over 1,000 chief executives and philanthropists from approximately 80 nations. 

Its aim is to harness the collective expertise of business leaders, philanthropists, and policymakers, seeking robust solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change.

The convergence of global leaders at Cop28 and the inauguration of the Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum signify a unified commitment towards tangible and actionable measures in the fight against climate change, solidifying international cooperation for a sustainable future.

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