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UAE Launches Updated Labour Accommodation System to Enhance Worker Wellbeing

UAE Launches Updated Labour Accommodation System to Enhance Worker Wellbeing

In a bid to improve living conditions for workers and boost compliance with regulations, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has rolled out the latest edition of the Labour Accommodation System. This new platform serves as a national registry for workers’ accommodation facilities, ensuring they meet the standards set by the ministry and its government partners.

The initiative, reported by the official news agency WAM, signifies the UAE’s commitment to advancing the quality of life for its workforce and solidifying its reputation as a top global destination for living, working, and investing.

Using the Platform: Companies employing 50 or more workers are urged to provide accommodation through approved systems. They can register their data on the MoHRE website under the Labour Accommodation System. This move aligns with Ministerial Resolution No. 44 of 2022, emphasizing occupational health, safety, and labour accommodation.

Enhancing Compliance: MoHRE notes a significant increase in compliance among companies, attributing it to the online Labour Accommodation System and regular inspection campaigns. The number of private sector companies adhering to accommodation standards has risen by 1,000% since the implementation of Ministerial Decision No. 44 in February 2022.

Collaborative Efforts: Government entities have collaborated on 103 inspection campaigns in 2023 to ensure compliance with accommodation standards. These efforts aim to ensure suitable living conditions for workers, thereby enhancing their quality of life and productivity.

Labour Accommodation Standards: The MoHRE has established national databases for labour accommodations in collaboration with relevant entities. These standards prioritize workers’ health, comfort, and safety, mandating amenities like water, electricity, air conditioning, and hygiene facilities.

Legislation mandates displaying company names in Arabic and English, using non-flammable building materials, and providing adequate rest areas, beds, ventilation, and sanitary facilities.

The UAE’s commitment to enhancing labour accommodation underscores its dedication to promoting worker welfare and maintaining its status as a global leader in labour standards.

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