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UAE launches “Compassion for Gaza” campaign

Centers to open in Abu Dhabi to organize food, hygiene items, and health supplies.

Centers to open in Abu Dhabi to organize food, hygiene items, and health supplies.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a humanitarian initiative to address the dire situation in the Gaza Strip, launching the “Compassion for Gaza” campaign. This campaign aims to provide much-needed relief to Palestinians affected by the ongoing conflict.

Collection Centers and Partnerships

As part of this effort, the UAE plans to establish collection centers for humanitarian relief packages. These centers will work in collaboration with charitable organizations, volunteer centers, and the private sector, demonstrating a multi-faceted approach to gathering and distributing aid.

Emirates Red Crescent Authority Takes the Lead

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority is taking the lead in implementing the “Compassion for Gaza” campaign. 

The campaign’s launch event is scheduled to take place at the Abu Dhabi Ports Hall in Mina Zayed. It will run from 9 am to 4 pm, providing a centralized location for the collection of relief items.

Expanding Support Across the Emirates

While initially launching in Abu Dhabi, the campaign’s organizers have plans to expand its reach to other emirates in the UAE. This expansion highlights the commitment to extending support and aid to a broader population affected by the conflict in Gaza.

Collaboration with International and Government Entities

The “Compassion for Gaza” campaign is not just a local effort; it’s a collaborative initiative. The UAE has partnered with international organizations such as the World Food Programme, ensuring access to global resources. 

Additionally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Community Development are actively involved, demonstrating a coordinated approach to addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

This comprehensive effort showcases the UAE’s commitment to providing essential aid, medical assistance, and support to those impacted by the conflict. 

It is a significant step in helping the people of Gaza rebuild their lives and communities, promoting stability and peace in the region.

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