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UAE launches ambitious campaign to reverse diabetes

If a person is tested to be pre-diabetic, lifestyle coaching will be done for the first 180 days.

If a person is tested to be pre-diabetic, lifestyle coaching will be done for the first 180 days.


The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) has embarked on a significant campaign to combat the prevalence of diabetes in the country. 

The campaign aims to lower the impact of diabetes by focusing on early detection and intervention, with a particular emphasis on converting prediabetic patients to non-diabetic status.

Early Detection for Reversal

Dr. Hussain Al Rand, assistant undersecretary for public health at Mohap, underscores the importance of early detection. The campaign’s primary goal is to identify individuals at risk of diabetes and intervene before the disease progresses.

The Role of Screenings

Over a six-month period, the campaign will intensify efforts to conduct screenings for diabetes and assess associated risk factors. Early identification of individuals in the prediabetic stage provides an opportunity for lifestyle modifications to prevent the development of full-blown diabetes.

Health Consultations and Follow-ups

Following the initial screenings, the campaign will extend for another six months to ensure that individuals receive health consultations and follow-ups as per national protocol. 

This extended phase is critical for beating diabetes by providing guidance and support for sustained lifestyle changes.


The UAE’s initiative to combat diabetes through early detection and intervention is a commendable effort. By focusing on converting prediabetic patients to non-diabetic status and promoting healthy lifestyle choices, this campaign can significantly impact the diabetes epidemic in the country. 

It serves as a valuable reminder of the importance of proactive healthcare measures in managing and preventing chronic diseases.

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