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UAE-Jordan Trade Relations: Strengthening Economic Ties

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AMMAN – In a recent high-level meeting, the UAE’s foreign trade minister, Thani Al-Zeyoudi, and Jordan’s Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh convened in Amman to explore and enhance bilateral trade and investment relations. The meeting, symbolizing the deep-rooted connections between the two nations, serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to mutually beneficial economic growth.

Strengthening Economic Partnerships

Trade and Investment Focus: The primary focus of the meeting was on ways to bolster trade and investment ties. This initiative is aimed at stimulating joint economic growth and creating new opportunities for cooperation between the business communities and private sectors of both countries​​.

Significant Trade Partnership: Jordan ranks as the UAE’s third-largest Arab trading partner outside the Gulf Cooperation Council, accounting for 8% of the UAE’s total non-oil foreign trade with Arab countries. Conversely, the UAE stands as Jordan’s fifth-most important trading partner globally and the second-largest Arab partner after Saudi Arabia, with a 6.2% share of Jordan’s foreign trade​​.

Deep Bilateral Relations: The meetings underscored the profound bilateral relations shared between Jordan and the UAE. These ties are underpinned by a shared vision for regional stability and prosperity, driven by sustainable economic growth and development​​.

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This meeting between the UAE’s foreign trade minister and the Jordanian Prime Minister in Amman marks a significant step in reinforcing the economic bonds between the two nations. By focusing on elevating trade and investment relations, the UAE and Jordan are set to unlock new avenues for cooperation and economic development, benefiting both their economies and the broader region.

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