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UAE Introduces Smart Land Borders Crossing System for Effortless Travel

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has unveiled a revolutionary Smart Land Border Crossing technology.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has presented a groundbreaking Smart Land Borders Crossing system, allowing citizens and residents to cross the Al Ghuwaifat border seamlessly without leaving their vehicles. 

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) showcased the system during the Gitex Global exhibition.

Vital Link Between UAE and Saudi Arabia:

The Al Ghuwaifat border is a primary road crossing connecting the UAE to Saudi Arabia. It is frequently used by thousands of UAE nationals and residents, whether for Umrah, religious tourism, or reuniting with friends and family in the neighboring country.

With the implementation of the Smart Land Borders Crossing system, traveling to Saudi Arabia becomes not only seamless but considerably faster. The new system simplifies the border-crossing process.

System Usage:

To use this innovative system, motorists must have their vehicles registered under their names. The process begins with the system scanning the car’s number plate, opening the first barrier for the driver. 

In the second step, individuals scan their passports Emirates ID, and undergo biometric or facial recognition. Once the ICP system verifies the data, the second barrier opens, allowing motorists to easily exit the country.

Traditional Verification:

If the system fails to verify the individual, the person must park their vehicle and follow the traditional route, going through immigration for the necessary verification to exit the country.

Currently, the system accepts a maximum of two people in the car. Still, the ICP representative mentioned that efforts are underway to allow more individuals in a car to use this convenient system.

The Smart Land Borders Crossing system is operational exclusively at the Al Ghuwaifat border. However, there are plans for the next phase of this initiative to extend its reach to other border crossings near Oman.

Gitex Global Exhibition:

The introduction of this transformative system was showcased at Gitex Global, the world’s largest technology exhibition. 

The event is at the Dubai World Trade Centre, where over 6,000 companies and startups present their latest products and innovations.

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