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UAE Introduces Priority Services to Fast-Track Customer Requests

The MoHRE has implemented a new priority services system to speed client requests and improve user experience.

The UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has introduced a new priority services system designed to expedite customer requests and improve the user experience. 

The new system classifies customers into three tiers: Diamond, Gold, and Silver, with priority services initially launched for the Diamond tier, followed by Gold and Silver tiers in January 2024. 

These priority services offer customers several benefits, including dedicated account managers, expedited processing of applications, specialized training programs, and timely updates on labor market-related legislation.

Key Points:

  1. Priority Services: The priority services aim to fast-track customer requests, provide dedicated account managers to address inquiries, and offer immediate support and technical solutions. Customers in the Diamond tier will receive personalized attention from account managers.
  2. Service Categories: MoHRE has defined three customer categories based on the number of workers and establishments. Diamond-tier customers include firms with 1,000 or more workers, owners with 100 or more establishments, domestic workers who are people of determination, employers with 50 or more domestic workers, senior citizens, and individuals aged 60 years or above.
  3. User Experience: The system is designed to enhance user experiences by simplifying procedures, reducing the time and effort needed to complete transactions, and ensuring updated and streamlined processes based on feedback and customer interactions.
  4. Client Communication: The MoHRE aims to promote compliance with labor-related legislation and improve the efficiency of operations while ensuring customer feedback, observations, suggestions, and complaints are collected and incorporated into the decision-making process.

Introducing priority services demonstrates the UAE government’s commitment to enhancing the experience for individuals and businesses engaging with government entities, streamlining procedures, and ensuring better services.

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