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UAE introduces federal decree-law to regulate media activities

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UAE has issued a new rule to control the media sector, including radio, television, newspapers, and cinemas in the nation.

Strategic Media Regulation

The UAE Government has unveiled a federal decree-law focused on regulating media activities within the country. The primary objective is to streamline and organize media endeavors in the UAE, reinforcing its position as a global media hub. 

This legislative initiative seeks to foster an environment conducive to nurturing the growth and success of the media sector.

Scope of Application

The provisions outlined in the decree-law are applicable to a broad spectrum, encompassing individuals, entities, media outlets, as well as free zones exclusively dedicated to media operations within the UAE. 

The overarching aim is to establish comprehensive regulations that govern diverse facets of media activities throughout the nation.

The introduction of this decree-law demonstrates the UAE’s commitment to fostering a robust and structured media landscape, aligning with its aspirations to amplify the stature of the country as a thriving global media destination.

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