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UAE Introduces Afseh App for Declaration of Cash and Valuables While Traveling

The UAE has launched the Afseh app, which allows residents and visitors to disclose cash, gold, jewellery, diamonds, and other assets valued at more than Dh60,000 when travelling.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has presented the Afseh app, allowing residents and visitors to declare cash, gold, jewelry, diamonds, and other valuables worth over Dh60,000 when traveling. 

The initiative is strived at promoting transparency and combating money laundering.

Mandatory Declaration:

Travelers entering or leaving the UAE with more than Dh60,000, or its equivalent in any currency, financial assets, precious metals, or stones, must declare these valuables to customs officers. This rule applies to residents and visitors using airports, ports, and land borders.

Each family member aged 18 and above can carry an amount not exceeding Dh60,000 or its foreign currency equivalent without declaring it to customs officers.

App Development:

The Afseh app was developed by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP). It streamlines the declaration process, making it more accessible and efficient for travelers.

Residents and nationals can submit declarations through the Afseh app in six simple steps. They must specify the amount or value of cash and valuables being carried. The information is editable, enabling travelers to update the value if it changes while entering or leaving the country.

QR Code Approval:

Upon completing the declaration process, travelers receive a QR code through SMS and email. This QR code can be presented to customs officials at the airport or border.

The Afseh app streamlines the currency exchange process, as travelers can simply show their declaration form approval to facilitate money exchange.

Multiple Registration Options:

Travelers can register on the Afseh app through the UAE Pass. The app is accessible on Android and Apple platforms, and the service is free. Additionally, travelers can declare their valuables through the ICP’s website.

This structured format presents a clear overview of the Afseh app and the mandatory declaration requirements for travelers in the UAE, highlighting its purpose in enhancing transparency and preventing money laundering.

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