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UAE Innovators Spearhead Sustainability Efforts at International Horticultural Expo

UAE Innovators Spearhead Sustainability Efforts at International Horticultural Expo

In a bid to address pressing climate challenges and enhance environmental sustainability, innovators from the UAE are showcasing groundbreaking projects at the International Horticultural Expo in Doha. Under the theme “Green Desert, Better Environment,” these environmental champions are demonstrating how cutting-edge technology can revolutionize food waste management and water security.

Transforming Food Waste into Sustainable Solutions

Among these trailblazers is Circa Biotech, a UAE-based AgriTech company committed to transforming food waste into sustainable resources. Using black soldier fly larvae, the company metabolizes food waste into proteins and fats, which are then repurposed as animal feed. Dr. Haythem Riahi, co-founder of Circa Biotech, highlights the highly sustainable nature of their process, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the air travel industry by producing sustainable aviation fuel.

Pioneering Sustainable Farming Practices

Smart Acres, founded by Abdulla Al Kaabi, showcases an indoor vertical farm equipped with hydroponic technology. This innovative farming method produces pesticide-free leafy greens using significantly less land and water compared to traditional farming techniques. Al Kaabi emphasizes the importance of sustainability in agriculture, inspired by the UAE government’s initiatives on food security and sustainable practices.

Revolutionizing Water Purification

Dr. Dinesh Shetty, an assistant professor at Khalifa University, presents a water purification system designed to remove toxic pesticides and contaminants. With a focus on minimizing water wastage, the system ensures access to clean and safe water for agricultural and domestic use.

Harnessing Solar Power for Water Security

Dr. Saeed Al Hassan, a professor at Khalifa University and co-founder of Emirati start-up Manhat, introduces innovative solutions for water security. Manhat utilizes solar energy and evaporation processes to generate fresh water from the ocean without electricity. Dr. Al Hassan’s vision includes the deployment of floating farms, where crops are irrigated using naturally distilled water collected from the ocean’s surface.

UAE Pavilion: A Symbol of Sustainability

The UAE Pavilion at the expo, inspired by the resilient ghaf tree, embodies the country’s commitment to sustainability. Designed by Giulia Frittoli, the pavilion features rammed earth walls and indigenous gardens, highlighting the power of plants as sources of food, health, and energy.

Through these pioneering initiatives and visionary projects, UAE innovators are driving forward the nation’s sustainability agenda while making significant contributions to global environmental conservation efforts.

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