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UAE initiates UAE Accountability Authority to tackle corruption

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UAE’s President Sheikh Mohamed launched the Accountability Authority.

Presidential Decree for a New Oversight Body

President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has unveiled a significant step in governance with the enactment of Federal Decree-Law No. (56) of 2023. This decree sets the groundwork for the UAE Accountability Authority, marking a strategic shift in auditing public finances and combating corruption.

Transition from the Supreme Audit Institution

The UAE Accountability Authority is slated to supplant the existing Supreme Audit Institution, representing a pivotal evolution in overseeing fiscal activities and ensuring transparency in governmental processes. 

Under the auspices of this legislation, the new authority will hold a direct line of reporting to the President, highlighting its paramount importance in the country’s governance structure.

Mission and Impact

The establishment of this Authority reflects the UAE’s commitment to fortifying accountability mechanisms and combatting corrupt practices. 

This move is expected to significantly enhance oversight, streamline auditing processes, and reinforce measures to curb financial improprieties across various sectors.

Driving Forward Governance Reforms

As the UAE embarks on this significant administrative reconfiguration, the Accountability Authority is poised to assume a central role in upholding financial integrity, fostering transparency, and promoting ethical practices within the nation’s administrative machinery.

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