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UAE-India Travelers to Benefit from Lower Airfares in Early 2024

As the new year begins, a fantastic opportunity for travellers between the UAE and India emerges.

As we enter the new year, a golden opportunity emerges for travelers between the UAE and India. From late January to mid-March, airfares are expected to remain relatively lower, offering a cost-effective period for those planning their journeys.

Surendranath Menon, Director at Equator Travel Management, suggests that travelers can capitalize on affordable rates during February and the initial weeks of March. The favorable pricing provides a clear advantage for those with travel plans during this period.

Anticipated Spike During Ramadan:

While the current period offers cost-efficient options, Menon points out that a surge in ticket rates is expected during the Ramadan phase, anticipated in March-April. This spike will continue post-Eid Al Fitr, likely extending into the second week of April.

The lower airfares aren’t exclusive to one direction. Travelers flying from the UAE to various destinations in India will also find cost-effective options for professional commitments, business endeavors, or leisurely getaways.

Seat Capacity Dynamics:

Amid these developments, discussions about increasing seating capacity on the UAE-India route gained traction. 

Reports indicate that India seeks a unique ratio of four seats for its airlines for every additional seat granted to UAE-based carriers, deviating from the standard 1:1 aviation bilateral norms.

Current Fare Scenarios on Key Routes:

  • Economy return fares from Mumbai to Dubai dropped to Dh931 in January 2024, down from average highs of Dh1,143.
  • Similar trends are observed for New Delhi routes.
  • South Indian sectors, while remaining above Dh1,000 from January to March, witness fluctuations. For instance, Dubai to Kochi fares average between Dh1,355-Dh1,422.
  • Bengaluru fares range from Dh1,106-Dh1,136.
  • Chennai ticket rates drop to Dh931 after January 2024 and further to Dh854 after February 15.

Pattern of Fare Fluctuations:

Travel agents note that the India-UAE sector has experienced more extended periods of higher fares, followed by brief windows where return Economy ticket prices drop to Dh1,000, serving as a benchmark for cost-effective air travel.

“This pattern has been observed in India-UAE air ticket prices since after the pandemic,” says Basheer Mohammed, General Manager of Europe Travel and Tours. 

The routes witness prolonged periods of higher fares, ranging from Dh1,500 to Dh2,500, followed by shorter intervals with fares below Dh800.

Dynamic Airfare Landscape:

Abdul Basheer from Travel Plan Dubai points out that the constant changes in India-UAE fares make it challenging for travelers to plan and book, leading many Indian tourists to explore alternatives in Southeast Asian destinations like Singapore and Malaysia.

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