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UAE Inaugurates Prosthetic Limb Center in Gaza to Aid War Victims

UAE Inaugurates Prosthetic Limb Center in Gaza to Aid War Victims

In a significant humanitarian effort, the UAE has launched a prosthetic limb center at its field hospital in the Gaza Strip. The initiative aims to provide essential support to Palestinians who suffered amputations during the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Named the Prosthetic Limb Center, the facility commenced operations on Wednesday as part of the Gallant Knight 3 humanitarian operation, under the guidance of President Sheikh Mohamed. On its inaugural day, measurements were taken for 36 patients, with expectations to assist over 100 individuals in the coming days, according to the state news agency Wam.

The center offers comprehensive care, including the provision of artificial limbs, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services. It represents a vital addition to the existing 150-bed field hospital established in December, which has already treated over 3,500 patients, offering a range of medical services from general surgery to intensive care for both children and adults.

Operated with the support of several charitable foundations including the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation and the Emirates Red Crescent, the field hospital serves to alleviate the strain on Gaza’s healthcare system amid the prolonged conflict.

Additionally, the UAE has announced plans to introduce SpaceX’s Starlink internet service at the field hospital. This initiative aims to facilitate live video medical consultations, overcoming communication challenges exacerbated by frequent power cuts in Gaza.

Furthermore, the UAE dispatched a 100-bed floating hospital earlier this month to provide crucial medical support to Palestinian patients affected by the conflict. Equipped with operating rooms, intensive care facilities, and medical warehouses, the vessel serves as a vital lifeline for Gaza’s healthcare infrastructure.

As the death toll in Gaza continues to rise, reaching 29,313 according to the latest figures from the Gaza Health Ministry, the UAE’s humanitarian interventions offer hope and relief to those grappling with the devastating consequences of war. Through initiatives like the Prosthetic Limb Center and the floating hospital, the UAE demonstrates its commitment to providing essential medical assistance to those in need, reaffirming its role as a beacon of compassion and solidarity in the region.

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