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UAE Imposes Strict Penalties for Assault on Public Employees

Individuals who abuse public servants face harsh consequences in the UAE, including large fines and jail time.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented stringent penalties, including hefty fines and jail time, for individuals who assault public employees.

The Public Prosecution has issued a stern warning against assaulting public employees and has outlined the types of assault and the corresponding punishments.

Assault on Public Employees Defined:

According to the authorities, any individual who uses force, violence, or threats against a public employee or a person tasked with public service to unjustly force them into performing or refraining from a specific job-related action will face legal consequences.

Punishments for Assault:

  • If the assault does not result in the desired outcome, the offender can expect a minimum of six months imprisonment as a penalty.
  • If the assailant achieves their intended objective through assault, a minimum of one year in prison is mandated.

Serious Offenses and Aggravating Factors:

More stringent punishments apply under the law in more severe situations, such as when the crime is committed with premeditation, involves multiple perpetrators, the assailant carries a visible weapon, or the victim is struck with a weapon.

  • Perpetrators in such cases face fines of no less than Dh100,000 or imprisonment of no less than one year.

These penalties serve as a strong deterrent against assaulting public employees and ensure the protection of those in public service roles in the UAE.

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