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UAE Implements Stringent Measures for Consumer Protection

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Overview of the Consumer Protection Violations

The list of violations was unveiled during a briefing session where the Ministry reviewed key developments concerning legislation and policies for consumer protection. This includes amendments to Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 on consumer protection and its executive regulation, emphasizing the strengthening of local authorities’ roles in enforcing the law.

The Role of Local Authorities

The new Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations empower local authorities to receive and act on consumer complaints, impose administrative sanctions and fines, and handle grievances against punitive measures. This is a significant shift from previous legislation, marking a qualitative improvement in laws supporting consumer rights.

Focus on Merchant Obligations and Consumer Rights

The law elaborates on nearly 43 obligations for merchants during the sale of commodities or services. These obligations are designed to rebalance the contractual relationship between merchants and consumers, ensuring transparent pricing and quality service.

Enhanced Legal Framework

The UAE’s legal framework now includes detailed mechanisms for the examination of goods in laboratories in case of disputes and specifies timelines for the supplier’s obligations to provide spare parts or substitute goods. This contributes to ensuring high-quality standards in services and commodities.

Penalties for Violations

The new list of administrative penalties and fines covers a total of 46 types of violations. Penalties range from warnings to fines and can lead to license cancellation or deregistration in cases of repeated offenses. This approach aims to reduce litigation processes for consumer protection by covering all types of violations.

Conclusion: Strengthening Consumer Protection in the UAE

The UAE’s announcement of strict penalties for consumer protection violations reflects its commitment to safeguarding consumer rights and promoting ethical business conduct. By strengthening its legal framework and enhancing the role of local authorities, the UAE is establishing an enabling and secure environment for consumers in the market.

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