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UAE Humanitarian Efforts Extend to Evacuating Gaza’s Vulnerable

Suhaila Hareb Khalil, a 70-year-old Palestinian woman fighting cancer, expresses her appreciation with a sincere Shukran.

In a poignant moment at Abu Dhabi International Airport, 70-year-old Suhaila Hareb Khalil, a Palestinian woman battling cancer, expresses her gratitude with a heartfelt “Shukran” as she embarks on a life-saving journey facilitated by the UAE.

Evacuation Amidst Conflict: A Challenging Odyssey:

Suhaila’s story mirrors the struggles of over 170 evacuees, primarily cancer patients and wounded children, flown from Gaza to Abu Dhabi. 

Hindered by the Israel-Hamas conflict, the journey involved navigating through the border with Egypt during a brief truce, presenting challenges for patients seeking urgent medical attention.

Suhaila’s daughter shares the harrowing experience of attempting to cross the Rafah Border, multiple rejections, and the exhausting journey to finally reach Abu Dhabi. 

The significance of the UAE’s role becomes apparent as ground staff at the airport extend warmth and support to ensure patients’ comfort.

UAE’s Noble Mission: Directives for Humanitarian Aid:

Under the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE’s ongoing rescue mission aims to provide medical treatment for 1,000 injured children and 1,000 cancer patients from the Gaza Strip in UAE hospitals. 

The commitment includes a $20 million humanitarian aid package and establishing a field hospital in Gaza as part of the ‘Gallant Knight 3’ operation.

From Desperation to Relief: Voices from Gaza:

Suhaila’s daughter emotionally describes the deteriorating situation in Gaza, expressing relief upon arrival in Abu Dhabi. 

As the region faces unprecedented challenges, the UAE emerges as a beacon of hope, providing safety, medical aid, and solace to those in need.

In the wake of the recent escalation in Palestine, the UAE’s swift response transcends borders, offering urgent humanitarian aid and establishing crucial medical facilities in Gaza. 

Sheikh Mohamed’s proactive measures underscore the nation’s commitment to alleviating the suffering of the vulnerable amidst conflict.

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