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UAE Humanitarian Efforts Bring Relief to Palestinians

Yousef Almehesy, a Palestinian cancer sufferer, expressed gratitude upon arriving in the UAE with his family members, all of whom are battling cancer.

In a poignant moment, Yousef Almehesy, a Palestinian cancer patient, expressed gratitude upon landing in the UAE with his family members, all battling cancer. 

The Emirati rescue flight, coordinated with the Israel-Hamas ceasefire in Gaza, provided a crucial lifeline for 170 Palestinians like Almehesy, allowing them to escape the continuous bombardment in their homeland.

Seizing a Moment of Peace:

Almehesy, part of the third wave of patients arriving in the UAE for treatment, emphasized the significance of the ceasefire. Describing it as a chance for Palestinians to “breathe,” he acknowledged the respite it brought to Gaza. 

The ceasefire not only halted the relentless bombing but also paved the way for humanitarian aid, including promises from the UAE to bring in 2,000 Palestinians for medical treatment.

From Desperation to Hope:

For Sabah, a Palestinian grandmother who lost 80 friends and family members during the conflict, the ceasefire signaled a shift from continuous fear to relief. 

As the bombing ceased, fuel and food started reaching Gaza, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the devastation. Talks are now underway to extend this reprieve.

Sacrifices for Treatment:

Kameela Ahmed, another cancer patient, faced the heartbreaking choice of leaving her children in Gaza as she sought treatment in the UAE. 

Despite personal losses, she highlighted the ceasefire’s transformative impact, providing a haven from bombings and allowing families to leave their homes without fear of imminent danger.

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