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UAE helps Lahore, Pakistan, in cloud seeding to tackle pollution

Two airplanes with special cloud-seeding equipment were deployed to Pakistan.

Two airplanes with special cloud-seeding equipment were deployed to Pakistan.

Aid in Environmental Combat

The UAE has extended a helping hand to Lahore, Pakistan, in the fight against pollution. Caretaker chief minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, confirmed the UAE’s support, mentioning the dispatch of two aircraft earlier in the month for cloud seeding operations. This technique involves deploying salt flares into clouds to augment rainfall.

UAE’s Expertise in Weather Modification

Renowned for its proficiency in weather modification, the UAE has conducted numerous cloud seeding flights aimed at stimulating rainfall. This recent support to Lahore signifies the UAE’s ongoing commitment to this technique as a means to encourage precipitation.

Collaborative Efforts for Environmental Improvement

Describing the UAE’s assistance as a “gift,” Mr. Naqvi emphasized the collaboration between the UAE and local personnel. The joint effort aimed to combat the persistent smog issue in Lahore, underscoring the significance of this experiment in pollution mitigation.

Hope for Positive Outcomes

While the initial rainfall has occurred, officials remain optimistic about observing further rain in the upcoming days. Lahore, Pakistan’s largest city in the Punjab province, has long struggled with severe smog, leading to recurrent flight delays at its main airport due to heavy pollution. 

The cloud seeding initiative with the UAE stands as a promising step toward addressing this environmental challenge.

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