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UAE Fuel Prices for November 2023 Announced: A Significant Drop

The UAE's fuel price committee has announced the prices for petrol and diesel in November 2023.

The UAE’s fuel price committee has unveiled the petrol and diesel costs for November 2023. 

These new rates will go into effect from November 1 and reflect a significant drop in petrol prices:

  • Super 98 petrol will cost Dh3.03 per liter, down from Dh3.44 in October.
  • Special 95 petrol will be priced at Dh2.92 per liter, compared to Dh3.33 in the previous month.
  • E-Plus 91 petrol will have a price of Dh2.85 per liter, down from Dh3.26 in October.
  • Diesel will be available at Dh3.42 per liter, a decrease from Dh3.57 in the previous month.

This article provides the latest fuel prices for November 2023 in the UAE, highlighting a notable reduction in petrol rates compared to the previous month.

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