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UAE free zone taxation: new decisions and emerging discussions

Commodity companies in free zones will be happy with the latest corporate tax updates.

Commodity companies in free zones will be happy with the latest corporate tax updates.


The UAE’s free zone taxation landscape has once again taken center stage with the issuance of a new cabinet decision and a corresponding ministerial decision. These legislative updates, effective retrospectively from June 1, 2023, bring forth novel concepts and clarify crucial issues, triggering a wave of discussions and analyses within the financial realm.

Retrospective Implementation:

The retrospective effect of these decisions, impacting the taxation framework from June 1, 2023, signifies a significant shift in the tax policies governing businesses and investors operating within the UAE’s free zones.

New Concepts and Clarifications:

The introduced changes usher in new concepts while aiming to offer clarity on previously ambiguous matters related to taxation within the free zones. These amendments address pertinent issues and seek to redefine the landscape for businesses and investors alike.

Discussion Points:

The alterations in the taxation regulations for free zones have sparked compelling discussions. Points of interest encompass the implications of these changes on compliance requirements, the potential advantages or disadvantages for businesses operating within the free zones, and the broader impact on the UAE’s economic landscape.


The evolving taxation framework within the UAE’s free zones, propelled by recent legislative decisions, has set the stage for a spectrum of discussions. As stakeholders navigate these changes, the impact on businesses, compliance measures, and the economy remains focal points in ongoing conversations.

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