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UAE Fog Warning: Abu Dhabi and Dubai Experience Poor Visibility

UAE Fog Warning: Abu Dhabi and Dubai Experience Poor Visibility

Abu Dhabi and Dubai woke up to dense fog on Thursday morning, with Abu Dhabi being the most severely affected. Abu Dhabi Police took swift action, reducing speed limits to 80kph across the capital to ensure road safety amidst reduced visibility.

The National Centre of Meteorology issued a warning, stating that the hazardous conditions were expected to persist until approximately 9 am. Similar foggy conditions were reported in Al Ain, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah.

According to the meteorological agency, there was a risk of fog formation leading to further deterioration in horizontal visibility, particularly along coastal and internal areas. This phenomenon was projected to occur between 12:30 am and 9 am.

Police authorities in Abu Dhabi reiterated the importance of cautious driving during such conditions. They advised motorists to adhere to the revised speed limits displayed on electronic information boards and urged everyone to “Drive Safely.”

Failure to comply with the adjusted speed limits may result in penalties for drivers. This proactive approach aims to mitigate the risks associated with driving in foggy weather conditions.

This foggy episode marks the second occurrence this week, following similar adverse weather conditions reported earlier on Monday. As fog can significantly impact road safety, authorities continue to emphasize the importance of vigilance and adherence to safety guidelines during such weather events.

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