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UAE Families Come Together to Celebrate Traditional Haq Al Laila

UAE Families Come Together to Celebrate Traditional Haq Al Laila

Families across the UAE convened on Saturday evening to partake in the age-old tradition of Haq Al Laila, fostering a sense of community and cultural pride. This cherished event, also known as gerga’aan or Qaranqasho in the GCC region, took place on the night of Shaaban 15, preceding the holy month of Ramadan.

Children, donning colorful attire, embarked on a time-honored custom of visiting neighbors’ homes after Maghreb prayers. Armed with woven bags, they serenaded residents with traditional songs, receiving sweets and nuts in return.

Yaqoob Al Hammadi, an educational expert from Sharjah, reminisced about his own childhood experiences, emphasizing the tradition’s significance in creating cherished memories and strengthening community bonds.

In Abu Dhabi, Hessa Al Najjar exemplified the spirit of Haq Al Laila by transforming her garden into a festive gathering space for children of all ages. Reflecting on the event’s cultural importance, she highlighted its role in fostering communal joy and celebrating shared heritage.

Haq Al Laila, also observed as gerga’aan in several GCC countries and Qaranqasho in Oman, holds deep-rooted cultural significance. Some trace its origins back to early Islamic traditions, while others suggest its pre-Islamic roots, possibly influencing Halloween’s trick-or-treat tradition.

Fatima Kashwani, 17, emphasized the event’s importance, describing it as a testament to the spirit of giving and a means of creating lasting memories.

While the tradition of door-to-door visits persists in certain neighborhoods, its practice has evolved, with organized celebrations now held in schools, government offices, and homes across the UAE.

Haq Al Laila serves not only as a celebration of cultural heritage but also as a platform for promoting unity and togetherness among UAE residents, reinforcing the values of generosity and community spirit.

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